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Day End and Year End High Point Totals

1. All points are awarded to the horse/exhibitor team.

2. A horse/exhibitor team may compete only once in each class.
In the event that a horse is injured, ill, or in the case of death, points may be accumulated on one other designated horse. Contestants must present veterinarian certificate of injury to horse to the show secretary before points will be transferred. Points will not be transferred in the case of a sale of or pregnancy of a horse.
3. Points will be awarded based on the number of horses in a class up to 6 contestants. If a class has over 6 contestants, then 6 points will still be awarded to 1st place and so on. Example; If a class has 3 contestants, then 1st place  will receive 3 points, 2nd place will receive 2 points, and 3rd place will receive 1 point. On the other hand, if a class has 12 contestants , then 1st place will receive 6 points, 5th place will receive 5 points, 4th place will receive 4 points, etc.  Points are awarded as a horse and rider team, and they are totaled as such for high point awards.

4. If you use one horse for show and a different one for speed events you will not be eligible for over all high point. If riding more than one (1) horse, the exhibitor must wear the contestant number assigned to each horse.
5. Daily awards will be given for high point Western, high point English, high point Gymkhana and Overall high point. To qualify for high point awards you must compete in at least three (3) classes. Three (3) show (western or english) and three (3) gymkhana for overall on the same horse. High point and runner-up high point will be given in all age divisions. In case of a tie for high point, no runner-up will be awarded. Daily high point awards will be announced at the end of the day. It is the exhibitors responsibility to pick up the award at the end of the day. Points and awards will not be honored until all entry fees are paid in full. Any unpaid balance(s) will result in the member’s inability to participate in any CCHA show/gymkhana event.
6. Year end awards will be figured on the same basis as daily awards. They will be awarded at the year end banquet.

To qualify for the year end high point you must
  1.  Be a current member of CCHA.
  2.  Attend four (4) other CCHA functions, to include meetings, trail rides, clinics, parades or sponsorship (limited to one). Two (2) hours of working at a Show/Gymkhana will constitute one (1) CCHA function.  (Make sure you log in with the show secretary.) You may log in time for another person. Deadline for attending functions to qualify for year end awards, will be September 30th of current show year.
  3. Attend a minimum number of shows as described in the table below
               Number of shows            Must Attend           
                            7                                  4  
                            6                                  3 
                            5                                  3    
                            4                                  2  

   Year end overall points will be tabulated using only shows where daily overall qualifications were met.